What is Payroll Outsourcing?

Organizations delegate the handling of salary disbursement to Ethos as a third party for easy management of administrative tasks and compliance regulations. Ethos processes employees salary by obtaining required attendance data from company, distributes salary through banking channel, prepares all employment tax filings and compliance of applicable laws. Our approach to payroll services involves appropriate planning, a focused approach and support to the organization from start to finish.

Why I should outsource payroll to Ethos?
  • Cost: Outsourcing charges typically work out to be less than maintaining a specialist in-house team for administrative & compliance tasks.
  • Confidentiality & Risk: Payroll details can be held and managed separately to other business information’s in an outsourcing arrangement—avoiding any accidental or incidental access.
  • Reliability of Service: As is the case with other personnel-driven business processes, outsourcing payroll will mitigate the effect that sicknesses or other unexpected absences might have on the payroll process. Outsourcing to an expert in the industry helps you be on top of the latest statutory changes.
  • Core Business Attention: By outsourcing a non-revenue-producing task, organizations can focus on earning activities, as well as more strategic compensation and HR functions. Streamlined and error-free payroll processes can do more for you. It can help you unlock business insights, improve compliance and steer your business towards comprehensive human capital management.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Smooth tech savvy experience with salary matters, alongwith proper response system and query management has a sizeable impact on the attraction and retention of employees in the long run.
  • Compliance: While accountability may well remain with the client organization, the responsibility for payroll activity meeting up to date labour law requirements is typically covered by the payroll service provider.
Can Ethos manage payroll services suitable for all businesses?

Yes. This service can be managed for all kinds of businesses – large, mid and small – as well as charities and other non-profit organisations. At Ethos we can provide suitable range of diversified solutions to meet all customized needs of clients. Whether it is simply payroll or entire gamut of administrative jobs alongwith statutory compliance and even reporting or employee self-service platforms.

Managed Payroll for Large Businesses

Large companies with an existing in-house payroll function are likely to see the biggest immediate cost benefits, as they will no longer need to employ dedicated payroll staff or pay for payroll software licensing costs. This will release capital for further investment and more revenue-boosting activities. Risk reduction, better project management, improved processes and flexibility are further advantages that will be immediately apparent to large businesses that outsource their payroll.

Managed Payroll for SMEs

Small companies such as start-ups often begin by doing all business functions including payroll, themselves. However this requires time and some expertise, which is a big drain on resources if there are only a few people working in the business. Often this function grows organically as the company becomes medium-sized. Moving to a managed payroll service frees up key personnel to grow the business. It also gives small and medium businesses the benefit of a fixed cost for their payroll which is easy to budget for.

How Can I be sure my payroll Data is secure?

At Ethos we prioritize client data protection by investing in the latest technology and highly advanced data security procedures to ensure your sensitive information is safe.

How much will it cost?

The cost of payroll outsourcing depends on a number of factors; including the size of the client organization, the number of employees, the frequency of the payroll need, the complexity of working patterns (and reward options), the particular industry-specific compliance mandates, and the exact service that is required (whether it be basic data processing and calculation or up to strategic financial inputs).

What about compliance responsibility?

One of the benefits of outsourcing payroll is that typically Ethos processes both payroll and tax filing; takes responsibility for compliance with local, state and central govt.—all of which can provide a certain peace of mind for an employer.

How do I transmit payroll data securely to Ethos?

Exchange of data between client and Ethos is mostly via the internet; with both the submission of the data for pay cycle calculation (e.g. time and attendance, absences, etc.) maintained by Ethos.


At Ethos we strive to ensure, we help all of our registered candidates to get their next career move. We work closely with all candidates looking out for a change, matching them with a new opportunity we believe best works out for them. This screening and matching is something that is done with transparency and a high level of professionalism. Every single CV we receive is automatically deposited in our candidate repository database as well as screened by our experienced recruitment team.

How candidates can register?

Candidates can email their profiles to contact@ethosindia.com . A recruitment consultant will then be matched to you based on your needs. He/She will get in touch to discuss the vacancy further and arrange a meeting with client HR.

What are the benefits of registering with Ethos?

Ethos has one of the largest candidate database and works on highly technical hiring software’s. Its two decade old market reputation, customer centric approach with an array of expertise opens up a plethora of opportunities for candidates. We have in-depth market knowledge and fantastic network relations, making us aware of many vacancies/openings that are not advertised, providing more opportunities for candidates. We also manage your application and will liaise with the client on your behalf. Ethos can also give CV feedback, interview advice and negotiate salaries at offer stage.

Will Ethos send my CV to clients without contacting me?

No NEVER! We only present your details to a client after we have spoken to you about the vacancy, the company and received your permission to do so.

I have applied for a vacancy and I have not been contacted- why is this?

We acknowledge all applications via e-mail, if we think that you are suitable for the role then we will contact you to discuss the role within 2 working days. If we have not contacted you by then it could be that we felt you were unsuitable for the role or that we have not received your CV. If you really think that you are suitable and we have got it wrong then please give us a call and we will explain our decision as CV’s can be very ambiguous, so mistakes happen.

I have applied for a vacancy online, does this mean that my details have been sent to the client?

No! We screen all applications and call suitable applicants to discuss the role and make them aware who the end employer is. Your details are only sent to a client once both you and your consultant agree to do so.


Ethos HR understands the importance of hiring good quality employees who drive businesses forward. Our ultimate aim is to engage highly employable, technically capable individuals for the companies we work for.

Who is Ethos?

Ethos is the leading global recruitment agency brand, specialists at recruiting qualified, professional and skilled manpower for its worldwide/global clients.

We have specific roles. How you would help us?

We have developed our specialties over the knowledge, skill & ability framework for understanding specific roles over the last 2 decades. We can build hiring strategies likewise to select best profiles for the role.

What recruitment services do you offer to employers?

We offer a wide range of recruitment solutions which include:

  • Lateral Hiring
  • Bulk Hiring
  • Contingent recruitment: for 1 – 4 vacancies
  • Multiple hiring: for 5 + vacancies
  • Contracting: for short-term hiring
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing: fully managed recruitment service
  • Executive Search: specialist head hunting department for C-suite, and functional heads
  • Payroll Outsourcing:  Ethos maintains employees on its Payroll and all compliances are handled by Ethos.
How long does the process take to share its first bunch of profiles after getting requirements?

It really depends on the type of role and the skills required. We have successfully placed candidates only hours after being advised of a vacancy. But at the other end of the spectrum, it can also take weeks for more specialized roles.

A standard vacancy – Junior & mid-level could take 2-3 working days and Sr. level opening around 4-5 working days indicatively

In special cases, when recruiting for highly niche and complex roles, Ethos team will agree with you on a specific timeframe of supply based on your requirements.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies according to the vacancy and type of recruitment strategy required. For lateral hiring it may be standardized, but for leadership hiring it will be customized.

What are the regions you help in recruiting people?

Our recruitment agency can help you in getting candidates at various countries across globe like:
India, USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Singapore, Australia, China, Canada etc.

What sectors or industries do you recruit for?

Each year we place hundreds of professional candidates into permanent and contract roles across a broad range of industries and job categories. These include:
Information Technology (IT/ITES), eCommerce, Engineering, Construction, Banking, Finance, Accountancy & Finance, Architecture, Executive Search, Pharma, Healthcare, Legal, Oil & Gas, Supply Chain & Logistics and other industries.

Where will you advertise our job vacancy?

Jobs posters will be created and displayed via our digital channels, social media platforms , message media broadcasting, emails etc. over a wide range of coverage across the country or world wide

Our website attracts, on an average, over 1,000 visitors a month. We have close relationships with the leading regional job boards; plus our social media page also has many followers domestically and worldwide

By harnessing a combination of these networks we can target your job advert to be seen by candidates that match your specific needs over a very wide range of audience.

There are so many different stages in the recruitment process, how much of it do you take on?

We carry out the entire process, from the initial brief through to the contract of employment. The typical steps involved are:

  • The job description is prepared in conjunction with the client
  • Plans are made on how and where to advertise;
  • Supply creation is initiated
  • Applicants are short-listed;
  • References are requested & checked;
  • Candidates are invited for interviews and selection tests;
  • Successful candidates are sent off to the client;
  • Candidates are invited for interviews with the client.
  • The successful candidate is offered the job and signs the contract of employment.
How do you source candidates?

We use a range of sources to ensure we find every possible candidate. These sources include:

  • Web-based job boards
  • Resume databases;
  • Local and national media and advertising;
  • On Line Recruitment’s business networks and referrals; and
  • Social media and the web
Contact us

For more information about our recruitment services, email contact@ethosindia.com. One of our recruitment experts will then be in touch with you directly.

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